Pre-London Fashion Week Brunch at Duck and Waffle

Ahead of London Fashion Week, we invited a group of London's best fashion bloggers, writers and influencers to meet us for brunch with a view at the beautiful Duck and Waffle.

Photo credit: Megan Wesley

We chatted about everything; from the most exciting Autumn/Winter trends to work/life balance and of course, our beautiful new collection. Their favourite style of the season was Kitty, the 70s inspired high rise ankle boot available in four colour ways including grey snake print leather and rich black suede.

Photo credit: Megan Wesley

Shloka - Fashion and Lifestyle blogger at The Silk Sneaker

Chloe - Fashion blogger at Chloe Loves to Shop

Joanne - Fashion blogger and stylist at The Stylist and the Wardrobe

Maddy - Fashion Assistant at Cosmopolitan

Abby - Fashion Assistant at the Daily Express


Inspiring stories #1: The creative duo behind Trouble Lounge

We caught up with chief trouble makers Kate and Sarah, the fun loving, creative duo behind Trouble Lounge; a virtual and physical hangout for people to connect with other like minded women around the area of Bath. 

 Both with young families and experience in the creative industries, Kate and Sarah met through a mutual friend and with an instant chemistry and lots of laughter they combined their ideas, contacts and love of all things social to create the Trouble Lounge. Their positive outlook and decisive approach has led to the sell-out success of the Trouble Lounge events. Held in Bath’s most luxurious spaces, their events treat you to fabulous guests, local brands, bespoke cocktails and goody bags - a fabulously fun and stylish night out.


Describe the Trouble Lounge in 3 words….
Fun, friendly and cheeky

How did the idea come about?
K: I wanted to do some more events in Bath as I had been going to London for events and really wanted to do the same thing here.
S: With my Bath in Fashion background I had done some blogger/shopper events and I thought there was something in that idea. We found ourselves watching people having fun at social meet ups in London on Instagram, but we wanted to do cool stuff and hang out here in Bath.
We found ourselves saying let’s do it, let’s book it and from that came our first event with ‘Zoe - Dress like a Mum - event’, the first one. It was a complete success and sold out, it was amazing, We also support from local businesses got locally from businesses like you that said they would come down and that gave us the confidence to go ahead. 

How have you found organising the events around your day to day lives?
K: The school holidays have been a bit stressy but generally it’s fine, we meet up or we are on the phone. We are very good on Instagram!

S: We are, so much so that it was only yesterday that we swapped phone numbers because we just Instagram and direct message the whole time, which is a good record of our conversations!

Do you think it is good for people to come out of the Instagram world and meet in real life?
S: I think that is what social media is about, certainly for parents. As a single parent I wanted to talk to other grown ups, or find solutions, I want to connect with people and if you give people a chance to meet up, they are like hell yeah, we are there! 

K: My friend calls in Tinder for mums, M-inder!
We have people who are moving to Bath, asking if they can join our lists and that is an amazing positive for us. Bath is beautiful, culturally vibrant, the train is easy, an amazing place to grow up, has a lot to offer. Lots of people who are moving from London want to live in Bath. 
I am proud that a lot of women who have come on their own, have left with lots of friends.

Above: Katy and Sarah with Natalie of Style Me Sunday at one of their events

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

K: Just do it, or ‘feel the fear’ as my mum used to say and do it anyway. What is the worst thats going to happen, somebody might say no?

S: Mine is, ‘own your own awesome’, inspired by a blogpost, believing that I am ok, regardless of what anyone else thinks. 

What advice do you have for someone coming to an event on their own?

K: Please come, we promise you will have a nice time and we will look after you if you do, if you walk in you don’t like it don’t have to stay but come and try.

What’s next for Trouble Lounge?

A back to school event, an excuse to throw on the heels and our favourite lippy.

Training with Bath Rugby Ladies

A Girl’s Night In - A sleepover in Bath

Fanny Fonda - We are going to do an 80’s style Jane Fonda club night… dress up, alcohol, move like Jane Fonda, all in a nightclub, probably in October.

Knackered wine mums in November.

Then a big bauble ball at Christmas!

Our own festival… possibly next year?

We are also GOING ON TOUR! We’ll be holding an event in London soon, dates still TBC.

 It’s great because we have a core group of Trouble Loungers now and find that tickets are selling out each time, it is really exciting and we would like to do more events and we are having a laugh which is important.

Thank you so much for talking to us ladies, keep doing what you’re doing!

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