Meet the team

June 20, 2013

Last week saw the arrival of our AW13 stock at Seven Boot Lane, and so began the mammoth task of unpacking all the boxes and finding homes in our stockroom.  Over a thousand shoe boxes and several beads of sweat later (honestly, trust us to find the only hot day in weeks to do this on!) we were done, and feeling very pleased with ourselves...

The arrival of all this stock also meant we were able to pack up our wholesale orders; a very satisfying task.  We're lucky to be working with some of the best boutiques around, spanning from Cheltenham to Suffolk to Dublin and many more in between.  But more on this to come. (Consider yourself teased.)

So this is us; Sebastian, Mais and Kate.  Box packing extraordinaires. Tea slurpers. Sticklers for design and detail.  And absolutely passionate about our beautiful boots.

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