Glastonbury calling

June 25, 2013

There is a definite buzz of pre-festival excitement in the air this week. Our office is only a few minutes away from the Glastonbury Festival site, and it's the subject on everyone's lips.  Along with questions of which bands are we going to see and have we got enough cider (...), the biggest question of all is what to wear!

Of course, there is always the weather issue, especially as Glastonbury is notoriously so often a complete wash out.  But this year, we are praying for sun and ditching the wellies in favour of some of our beautiful Seven Boot Lane boots.  Frankly it would be rude not to! Here are some of our styling ideas for rocking the festival look.... 

 There are few rules when it comes to festival dressing; basically anything goes.  But here are our personal top tips for staying stylish and festival savvy...

1. Wear flat or low heel footwear (boots are best, obviously....) 

2. Take a hat. Keeps off the sun and the rain, and has the knack of adding a serious dose of style to any outfit.

3. Layer up.  It's a long ol' way back to the tent to change every time the sun goes in. Then comes out again. Then in again. Oh, and now it's raining. Tiresome.

4. Sunglasses are a must. If only for hiding the tell-tale signs of all night partying.

5. And finally, don't forget loo roll. Enough said.

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