March 25, 2013

Seven Boot Lane spent the weekend in Amsterdam, out looking for inspiration.  Many designers favour Paris or Berlin, but for me the Dutch capital has a unique charm and sense of individuality that fits well with our brand.  And the women there really know how to wear their boots.

We spent most of the time just walking.  Up and down the beautiful streets and canals, through the Jordaan and the Negen Straatjes.  Just soaking it up, browsing windows and bars, relaxing.  Untroubled by the bitter cold, biting wind and oppressive grey skies.  It's so peaceful, you can't believe you are in the centre of a European capital.

Van Gogh is a Dutch institution, but we found the Stedelijk museum to be a real source of inspiration.  A fantastic space housing a fine collection of 20th Century art, it offers some fascinating deep dives into less well known 20th century artists as well as a fine selection of the greats.

At this time of year the famous flower market is essentially a bulb market, and you would never believe what kind of things grow out of bulbs.  There are hundreds for sale and we couldn't resist getting a couple of arum cornulum, which looks like an old onion but then produces an amazing spike of a flower without requiring any soil or water.  Looking forward to that coming up.

Some of our favourite spots:

Bar - Nes-Café (Nes).  You won't find a more perfect local anywhere.

Hotel - Rho (Nes).  Cheap and cheerful, great location

Coffee Shop - Dampkring (Handboogstraat).  Welcoming and fun.

Boots - Fred de la Bretonière.  Great Dutch boots and bags.

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