The Power of Manifestation

March 07, 2013

 Hello all,

The Seven Boot Lane creatives demanded a horse model for our western inspired Native Citizen story for the AW13 collection.  Cuban heels, soft wavy stitching, cowboy toe shapes and a fresh new western take on the biker boot.  The beach shoot must have a horse in it.


On the day of the shoot, frost covered sand dunes, icy winds and broken skies, the atmosphere and light were just perfect for this story.  Berrow Sands in Somerset, definitely one of the most beautiful winter seaside spots in the UK.  And there in the distance the silhouette of a horse and rider.

I was sent off to recruit the lonesome rider, but returned empty handed.  Why?  Because something better would come along. Ten minutes later an enormous lorry arrived and from its depths two beautifully clipped and plaited hunting horses accompanied by delightful and enthusiastic grooms.  Please would they let us use their horses for the shoot?  Yes!  


It could never have been this perfect if I had organised it myself.

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