December 17, 2012


Hello all,

Very exciting day is upon us here at Seven Boot Lane. This week, we are doing the first fashion shoot. 

I have been playing around with ideas since back in July, I always knew the theme I wanted to use for this season's collection, but it took a lot of time and research planning how to bring this to life. We have a small collection of boots, so it will always be important to us to make the most of them; bring them to life in different ways and make them appeal to different types of consumer. 

Some people are very much drawn to fashion, they scour the pages of the latest editions of the glossy mags, hoping to glean enough information to buy into a style or look of the season. Others are more influenced by people in the public eye, maybe bloggers or celebrities, and will gain their inspiration from them. 

I think there is a further chunk of people who seem to just be born stylish. They seem to have a natural knack of throwing on jeans and a top and then adding a scarf or a hat or something that suddenly makes it a very cool outfit. I am increasingly intrigued by people who have natural style, who have an inner confidence to be themselves.

Shopping for the shoot has been a great experience. I have deliberately used lots of textures, some leather, some sequins, lace and knits. I wanted to the boots to really shine through and be the focus, yet the styling create a mood and personality for each story. I don't want to reveal all, these images will be to support our AW13 range, but here is a little taster of some of the pieces I will be using.....

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