Brown paper labels tied on with string.

December 04, 2012


Hello all,

Today is a momentous day for us at Seven Boot Lane - the new boot samples are arriving today. It actually feels like Christmas has come early as the cardboard boxes are opened and the boots are unwrapped from their tissue nests within. It is unbelievably exciting to finally see the samples that, just a matter of weeks ago, were just sketches in a notebook.

I have been trying to think of a way of labelling them that is in keeping with the spirit of the brand, I feel stickers on the soles is not quite right for us and didn't want to use clear plastic envelopes, so have ordered some brown labels and lime green garden twine to tie them on. I also commissioned a stamp with our logo and font from The English Stamp Company, who are just down the road from us in Dorset. If you want a custom stamp, I really recommend getting in touch with Bella, she is so friendly and helpful.

The plan is to stamp each label and then handwrite all of the essential details on the label in ink, so by the end of today, all of the boots will be labelled and placed in our beautiful hand made display area that we have here at Seven Boot Lane. A momentous day.

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