Sneaky peaks.

November 16, 2012


Hello all,

....just back from another trip to the Spanish factory where we reviewed the prototypes and made decisions about colour and materials for the first collection. It was our first chance to see the boots that we had briefed to the factory team back in October and they had made us a sample of each design to tweak and review. Very, very exciting arriving and seeing all of the designs that have been in my head since August. 

I spent some time imaging the person who would be drawn to them, either on the website or in a they would appeal to her, which bits would catch her eye. her thought process as she picks up the boot and considers trying it on.....will it go with my jeans? I could wear these in the summer with bare legs....... They would look great with my black dress.......

For me, its vital to think about the reality and the way women shop, exactly how and where each style could be worn, what sort of outfits they already own, how an investment purchase like a new pair of boots will fit into her wardrobe.

So, we now have the boots on order. Our first stock will be arriving just after Christmas, so we can open our webstore early Spring with some boots!

Without giving away our secrets, here are some pictures of some of the details I am using for this collection....

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