November 08, 2012

Hello all, As we are in a new office, we have gradually been buying all the things we need to run the day to day. One of the things we needed was some blue tack. ‘Multi Purpose Tack’ - an own brand version, was purchased and we spent sometime sticking up lots of paper forming an ‘ideas’ wall and also a huge paper calendar to have a visual timeline of the activities over the coming months. 

On arrival each morning, we would find the calendar on the floor or artfully draped over the sofa underneath. Frustrating. A two-man job to re-stick each day and then the next morning it would be down again. Extra MPT was applied to no avail. Sometimes buying a cheaper substitute is a false economy. You believe it will do the job, after all other people must buy it - right? The is a reputable shop that sells lots of things, it can’t be that bad. It must be ok if they sell it? Its probably even made in the same factory.

And then, when you have owned your jumper/mayonnaise/boots/MPT for sometime, suddenly it starts to bobble, or you realise it just doesn’t taste quite right, or the zip sticks, or the paper falls down. Sometimes, you just have to spend a bit more. 

Yesterday morning on my way to work, I bought some Blue Tack. The calendar was still on the wall this morning.

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