Autumn Days

July 01, 2012


Hello all,

It's beautiful here in Somerset this morning, bright autumnal sunshine but with a fresh chill in the air. I drove to work across the Somerset levels and had to wear both a woolly hat and sunglasses. Although I am renowned for craving the summer days, I love wearing layers and wrapping up against the chill. I also love getting in from work in the dusk and changing into soft warm clothes to curl up on the sofa in.

We have recently spent a few days in Spain where we visited the factory that will make our boots and it was a treat for me as it was around 24 degrees; a completely different lifestyle if you can still be outside through autumn. The guys at the factory are expecting it to stay mild until February.

The purpose of this trip was to brief the new collection to the factory team, a very exciting stage in our journey to launch our new brand. We spent hours looking through swatch books of leather and suede, boot lining colours, choosing stud sizes and finishes, buckles and other special details that I will keep secret for now.

The picture below is of one of the leather swatch rings......the colours are so rich and beautiful, it was very difficult to narrow them down. We are trying to stick to a core palette for the initial collection, but the cerise and the turquoise were so beautiful, I kept wandering if we could squeeze just one in......


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