Festival Chic

June 02, 2015

Special guest on the blog this week!  Stylonylon blogger Julia Rebaudo has kindly taken time out from her own blog to share some beautiful festival styling tips. Photography by Clare Walsh.

If like me, you’re a bit fed up with the constant stream of crazy Coachella-led celebrity festival style parade of late, you’re probably wondering what constitutes decent festival attire. You want to look stylish, like you’ve made an effort but not like you’ve transformed your entire style for a day. Does festival wear have to be fancy dress, really?


Drawn as I am to many things bohemian come the summer, I don’t want to renounce it all together and think the key is to choose a couple of festival-led pieces and tie them into what festival outfits should be all about. Primarily, comfort. Let’s face it, to have a good time when spending hours outdoors tramping around needs comfortable get-up.


So, how about keeping things loose and floaty with shoes that don’t hurt your feet? Sounds easy enough, right? I’m obsessed with culottes this summer and am finding them perfect for everything from work to weddings. And layering up with a loose vest and oversized cardy is just about as relaxed an outfit as you can get. For this one, I’m relying a lot on the cardigan fringing and beach feel of the the espadrilles to bring a bit of festival flare to what is essentially quite a slouchy outfit.

To make things a little more rock n’ roll, a black biker and statement glitter boots are pretty much all you need. Added to a plain loose-fitting kaftan and you have a look that’s cool but easy to wear. And of course, a small suede fringed bag for essentials and you’re good to go!

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