Meet your Maker

April 25, 2014

When you buy something, do you ever picture it being made?  It's hard to connect a finished product with the individual men and women who cut, stitch and assemble it until you see it in action. And it's easy to forget that many of the best quality clothes and accessories available today are still made by hand and not far away either - in small workshops and factories across Europe where great manufacturing traditions have been preserved and developed over centuries.

At Seven Boot Lane we are very lucky to work with one small family-run factory in Spain to craft our designs into reality, a place where we feel like part of the family and we love the fact that we know the individuals who have crafted our boots and shoes. It takes on average 30 different pairs of hands to make a pair of our boots, each one playing their part in the creation of something complex and unique. 


Our modelista Pepe is an expert in his field.  His is the surprisingly difficult task of taking our designs and turning them into cutting patterns that have the correct proportions and fit properly.



Loli above is stitching a pair of our Chiara boots (coming soon!) and Emilio is assembling sandal uppers. 


And here is José Vicente (the father, not the son) who started the whole thing about 50 years ago and he's still at it.  You would have to go a long way to find anyone who knows more than he does about making good boots.


Next time you put on your favourite Seven Boot Lane boots, think of the love and craftsmanship that went in to them, the story behind their making. Those craftsmen and women are very proud of what they do, and rightly so, and we hope that you are proud to wear the results! Skills handed down through generations creating footwear to be worn for a lifetime.

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