Inspiring Stories #3: Head of TV at Warner and style blogger, Kate Hiscox

'Wears my money?' blogger Kate, talks to us about how music and fashion influence her signature 'tomboy' style and how she fits it all in around a full time job and family life.  
ABOVE: Kate styling the snake print Grace boots
Describe Wears My Money is 3 words...
Amusing real style

Why did you start up Wears My Money?
I started Instagram about 18 months ago and I really enjoyed writing the captions, more so than taking the photos, so I decided that when I got to 2000 followers I would start a blog  so I could write more!
How does style blogging fit into your day to day life?
With difficulty sometimes to be honest! I have a full time job in the Music Business and 2 kids, so I write my blogs in the evening. I always post once a week, but would like to do more.
How would you describe your personal style?
I’m a tomboy at heart, I feel odd if I’m too dressed up, I love dresses but I will almost always dress them down with boots or trainers and a leather jacket. I was a big rock chick in my youth and still veer towards that quite a bit!
How does music influence your look?
Not so much these days but back in the day I was always trying to be the female version of Axl Rose from Guns and Roses or Robert Smith from The Cure.
Which is your favourite musical decade/fashion decade?
My favourite musical decade is probably the late 80’s but my favourite fashion decade is right now!
Being Head of TV at Warner Music UK must be an incredible job, how did you get there?
I actually went to London College of Fashion, but I fell into working in music when I left. I worked at a few independent PR firms, then got a job at a Heavy metal Record Company (I still have the tattoos to prove it) I joined EMI in 1999, Parlophone in 2008, which then merged with Warner about 4 years ago.
Where do you gather inspiration for your blog and your instagram feed?
I get inspiration from people on the street, going shopping and seeing what’s out there, from friends, or just off the top of my head. I only ever write about things I genuinely like. I usually end up buying half the stuff I write about too! It’s a problem!
Who are your style heroes and heroines?
I love Phoebe Philo, Stella McCartney, Christine and the Queens.

What are your favourite trends for the season and how will you be wearing them?
I'm massively into long sleeved midi dresses worn with chunky boots and a biker jacket!
What are your Autumn must-haves?
Great boots and coats. I always start with the shoes! 
Where would you like to take Wears My Money in the future?
I've got a few ideas brewing, but in the meantime I'm happy to just see where it takes me!

Thank you for chatting to us Kate, we really love your rock n'roll spin on style and your top styling tips for autumn.  We look forward to seeing some more super stylish seasonal posts from you on Wears my money?

Inspiring Stories #2: Style blogger, Pascale aka Style Mum

From style essentials for Autumn to her own style inspirations, we loved catching up with Pascale to discover the whys and wherefores of her beautiful blog, Style Mum, how it all started and what keeps her going.

ABOVE: Pascale styling the black leather Grace boots with a polka dot dress

Describe Style Mum in 3 words... 

Effortless, affordable, relatable

When and why did you start up Style Mum?
I started the @style_mum Instagram account first as a hobby and outlet for my styling passion, I studied at the London College of Fashion but after leaving, I fell into a City job due to financial reasons and have now been at the same firm for 15 years. The blog came a little later and it started to organically grow into what it is today. Finding a best mate through the Insta world in Victoria Genevieve has helped massively as it is great to have someone to bounce ideas off and we love speaking at events together as a duo including the recent Luxe Lounge talk at the London Fashion Week Festival.
What do you love most about style blogging?
It's made me realise that if you put your mind to something and work your arse off, if you truly want it and are passionate about it you can make it happen. Never give up!
How do you juggle blogging, working and family life?
I wouldn't be in this industry if it wasn't for my husbands support, he pushes me, he's hands on with the kids and lifts me when I want to throw in the towel!
What is your job title and how did you get into that?
I am a Financial Paraplanner for a City IFA firm, I fell into the job through necessity when my mum and dad separated and I needed some money behind me, I didn't expect to be here 15 years down the line but the team are like family to me now and know about the blog, they are both proud and supportive.
Describe your personal style...
I would describe it as relaxed tailoring, I love a blazer, jean and ankle boot combo. I also have an experimental side, which will push boundaries; I usually save this for evening looks. 
Who are your style icons?
I adore Clémence Poésy, in my next life I want to come back as a French woman! 
What are your favourite Autumn/Winter trends this year?
Red is everywhere and luckily my mum always told me that it's my colour so i'm rolling with that! I'm also loving the floral trend as throwing on a dress, boots and a biker jacket is so simple yet so effective. 

ABOVE: Pascale styling the black leather 'Kitty' boots with a floral autumn dress

Do you have any style tips for working these into our existing wardrobes?
Make sure you have the basics in your wardrobe then drop in touches of the trends; start with a knit in this seasons colour and a classic shaped floral dress that could take you from day to night. 
How important do you think footwear is to completing - or starting - an outfit?
It is essential; some people even start at your feet and look up! If your footwear is tired or not the best quality it can kill an outfit completely.
Blogging has changed drastically over the years, what advice would you give to someone who would like to start up a style blog in 2017?
It is a hard industry to crack right now due to the saturation of style bloggers but stick with it, find your niche and do not try to imitate just to make it, be true to yourself, it will happen if you put the work in and understand that it's a long road, if you get a few no's it's not the end of the world you may get a yes the following year!


Thank you Pascale for your timeless tips and inspiring advice, we're looking forward to seeing those chunky knits and winter florals in action this season.

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